A Tribute to William Forest Reynolds



I. Would like to thank William Forest Reynolds' daughter Maxine Adams for sharing with me their data on the Henry Hartwell Reynolds family.  William spent many years corresponding by letter with family members who had Bible records and source information on the descendants of Henry.  He made a large contribution by preserving the legacy of our descendants that might otherwise have been lost.  He knew many of Henry and Nancy Reynolds descendants personally. 


Because of this he had first hand knowledge of the family. He worked many years compiling data and traveling to courthouses, libraries and cemeteries in the state.  On some of these trips when he grew to old to drive himself, Maxine would take him.  She was very much interested in sharing his work.  I would also like to thank my brother, Aubrey Wilson Reynolds, of Springdale, Arkansas, who has helped me research the Reynolds family. We both have a common interest in genealogy. We made trips together to state archives Tennessee Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina gathering information about our family. 


WILLIAM FORREST5 REYNOLDS  (JAMES HENRY4, HENRY LEDBETTER3, HENRY HARTWELL2, HENRY1) was born May 09, 1896 in Rye, Cleveland Co., Ar., and died February 07, 1993 in Warren, Bradley Co., Burial: Union Cemetery, Rye, Ar. He married OPHIE MAE ASHCRAFT September 26, 1925 in Rye, Cleveland Co., Ar.  She was born September 09, 1884 in Rye, Cleveland Co., AR., and died August 14, 1970 in Warren, Bradley Co., Burial: Union Cemetery, Rye, AR. William and Ophie had two children Maxine (Reynolds) Adams and Roy Terrral Reynolds, both born in Bradley, County Arkansas. He served his country as a Cpl. in The  U. S. Army during World War 1.


Robert Reynolds

Hot Springs, Arkansas, 71913