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Marshall County Probates Record of John Reynolds



The following probate records establish the first date John Reynolds made purchases of properties in Marshall County, Mississippi in 1838. The original document was converted to text by Carolyn Jean Reynolds (BAND), thanks for her contribution to Reynolds Archives.

Marshall Country Book D page 339

March 02, 1838
John Reynolds deed trust on personal property. Executed
By Lewis Pittman. Recorded Record the 2nd of March 1838.
This indenture made this the 2nd day of March 1838 between Lewis Pittman of the one part and John Reynolds of the other part for and in consideration of four hundred dollars to him in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath this day granted, bargained, and sold by these presents doth grant bargain sell and confirm unto the said John Reynolds and his heirs, assigns the following property to wit: one sorrel mare, one sorrel horse cart, one wagon and six work team(?). to have and to hold the above described property according to the premesis unto the said John Reynolds his heirs and assigns. But this deed is upon the special----- and conditions following to wit: When the said Lewis Pittman has sold, bargained and confirmed the above mentioned property to the said John Reynolds, his heirs and assigns the consideration of four hundred dollars and-cents for the payment of which the said Lewis Pittman hath 2nd of March, 1838 executed the note payable to the said John Reynolds, his heirs and assigns on the first day of January. Now if the said Lewis Pittman shall not pay and discharge the said note when it shall become due, then in that case the said John Reynolds is authorized upon givingódays notice by advertising in three public places in the County of Marshall and the State of Mississippi to expose to public at the house of John Reynolds in the county aforesaid and to sell to the highest bidder for ready money or on a credit as the partners may agree, the whole or so much of the aforesaid property as will pay and satisfy all of the amount of the said note that may be in arrears or unpaid.& in case by of the deed for the amount due on said note with all the cost and charges shall be paid over to the said Pittman, his heirs and assigns. In testimony we have here to set our hands and seals this 2nd day of March,1838.
Lewis Pittman (seal)
John Reynolds (seal)


Book M Land Deed page 36 Marshall County

August 03, 1844

County police  4 acres of land for

A church and a school house conveyed by

Rufus Jones and John Reynolds

This indenture made and entered into on the 3rd day of August in the Year of Our Lord 1844 between John Reynolds and Rufus Jones of the first part and the police Court and their disciplines in office of Marshall county of the second part all of the State of Mississippi ---------that the said John and Rufus feeling a deep Interest in the advancement of the gospel and the promotion of Literature and Education and for the Consideration of One Dollar to them in hand paid the receipt of the whole is hereby acknowledged had given bargained sold and conveyed  to the said court and their successors in office a certain piece of lot of land containing four acres more or less for the purpose of Building and Establishing herein a church and School House Beginning at a stake and red oak-----16 poles north of the half mile post on the west boundary line of section 29 four Range and three west of-----meridian according to plan of surveys of the Chickasaw----- Mississippi running thereto north of east 12 poles ----stake-----Black Jack and Spainish Oak p------ therein 21 poles east of north to a black oak at the well then south of west 18 poles to a stake and black jack pointer then west 15 poles to a stake and---post oak and black jack pointers on Section 30 and township four and 3 west there to south 21 poles  to a stake post oak  and northerly pointers thence east 15 poles to the beginning to have and hold the said court and their successors and officers and the said John and Rufus for -------- their  heirs and assigns do consent and agree that the right title claim and  Interest  in and to the above described land promised  they will forever warrant and defend against the claim or claims of any and all persons whatever

  In testimony whereof we the said Rufus and John herewith set our hands and seals the day and date above written.                                         John Reynolds (seal)

                                                                    Rufus Jones (seal)