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The James H. Reynolds' Family Tree was compiled By Robert Edward Reynolds of Hot Springs, Arkansas and Robert Taylor, of Yucaipa, CA. Contributors to the research were William Reynolds Dalton of Gulf Breeze Florida and Aubrey Wilson Reynolds of  Springdale, Arkansas. Thanks to all who participated in the research. I welcome the opportunity to publish additional information on James Reynolds.  Articles on the family, obituaries or other interesting information would be appreciated.  Thanks for visiting Reynolds Archives.


Robert Edward Reynolds

Descendants of Dr. James Henry Reynolds

Dr. James Henry Reynolds



Generation No. 1


1.  DR. JAMES HENRY3 REYNOLDS  (NEUMON2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1833 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died Feb 1893.  He married SARAH STROM 1858 in Alabama.  She died 1902.


Sarah Strom




Census: 1860, Western Division, Pike County, Alabama, Page 95

Census 2: 1870, Mount Hillard, Bullock County, Alabama, Page 103

Census 3: 1880, Farrierville, Bullock, Alabama, Page 274B

Occupation: Physician

Individual Note: 1866, Bullock created from Pike County



Marriage: 1858, Alabama


James Henry Reynolds studied medicine with his brother, John A. Reynolds, for two years and, in 1854, graduated from Nashville (Tenn.) Medical College. After marrying Sarah Strom, he settled in what is now southeast Bullock County. He practiced medicine in this area for the rest of his life except for the short period when he was in the Confederate Army. He also served in the Alabama Legislature for one or more terms. He passed away in February 1893 and Sarah in 1902. Both are buried in the Hillard Cemetery in High Ridge Community, Al

James Henry and Sarah Reynolds had eight children with six surviving them. In addition to John Lemeul who will be discussed later, the children were; (1) William, who was a graduate of Mobile Medical Collage and practiced in the High Ridge Community and in the Union Springs, AL; (2) Lucy, who married Hosea Sellers, a planter in the High Ridge area; 3) Pearl, who married T. J. Dillard and settled in Troy, AL; Minnie and 5) Clyde, who never married.

Written by, Eulalia Reynolds Holston; Source Heritage Publishing Consultants Inc; The Pike County Book



              i.     JAMES4 (JIM) REYNOLDS, b. Abt. 1857, Mount Hillard, Pike County, Alabama.

2.           ii.     WILLIAM A. REYNOLDS, b. Abt. 1858, Mount Hillard, Pike County, Alabama.

             iii.     LUCY S. REYNOLDS, b. Abt. 1861, Mount Hillard, Pike County, Alabama.

3.          iv.     JOHN LEMUEL REYNOLDS SR., b. Dec 1863, Mount Hillard, Pike County, Alabama; d. 1921, Bullock County, Alabama.

             v.       MINNIE REE REYNOLDS, b. Aug 1867, Mount Hillard, Bullock County, Alabama.

             vi.     AMBROSE REYNOLDS, b. Abt. 1869, Mount Hillard, Bullock County, Alabama.

4.         vii.     PEARL REYNOLDS, b. 19 Sep 1872, Mount Hillard, Bullock County, Alabama; d. 04 Oct 1946, Pike County, Alabama.

           viii.     CLYDE REYNOLDS, b. Oct 1875, Mount Hillard, Bullock County, A.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM A.4 REYNOLDS (DR. JAMES HENRY3, NEUMON2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1858 in Mount Hillard, Pike County, Alabama.



              i.     WILLA5 REYNOLDS.





3.  JOHN LEMUEL4 REYNOLDS SR. (DR. JAMES HENRY3, NEUMON2, HENRY1) was born Dec 1863 in Mount Hillard, Pike County, Alabama, and died Dec.12,1924 in Bullock County, Alabama.  He married LETICIA PITTS, daughter of ADOMORANE PITTS and SUSAN EDWARDS.  She was born Jun 1874 in Bullock County, Alabama.


Notes for JOHN LEMUEL REYNOLDS SR:  John Lemuel Reynolds (Jake) became a successful planter with an estate in and around Bean's Crossroads southern Bullock County. He married Letitia Pitts, daughter of Adonirum Judson Pitts and his wife, the former Susan Ann Edwards, both born in Georgia. John Lemuel and Letitia Reynolds lived part of the time at Bean's Crossroads and part in Union Springs. When they lived in Union Springs, John Lemuel commuted to his farm daily by a train that traveled from Columbus, Ga. to Andalusia, Al. in the morning, returning to Columbus in the afternoon.

They had three sons: James Pitts, who died young; William Sumpter (more later); and John Lemuel, Jr., all born in Bullock County, AL. John Lemuel never married and farmed on the land inherited from his father at Bean's Crossroads, Bullock County. He died in Troy in 1967.


Written by, Eulalia Reynolds Holston; Source Heritage Publishing Consultants  Inc; The Pike County Book


View The Leticia Pitts Family Photo Album  Updated, 3/12/2006


Photo Album and Susan Edwards Pitts' Will submitted 9/18/2005 by, William Reynolds Dalton


Last Will & Test - Susan Edwards Pitts

The State of Alabama
Bullock County
In the Name of God, Amen.
I Susan Pitts of Bullock Co., AL being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare, this to be my last will and Testament;
First, I order and direct that my executor hereinafter named pay all my ....(dark line on page)......conveniently may be.
Second, After the payment of such funeral expenses and debts, I give, devise and bequeath all the remainder of my property, consisting of real estate, where ever located, to my daughter, Mrs. J. L. Reynolds, and my son, Dr. A. M. Pitts, share and share alike during the natural life of my son, Dr. A.M. Pitts.
Third, Upon the death of my son, Dr. A.M. Pitts, I give, devise and bequeath all of my said property, consisting of real estate, where ever located to my daughter, Mrs. J. L. Reynolds, her heirs and assigns forever, it being the purpose of this my last will and testament, to allow my son, Dr. A.M. Pitts a life interest in my real estate only, and at this death said said revert to my daughter, Mrs. J. L. Reynolds her heirs and assigns.
Fourth, I give, devise and bequeath all of my personal property now in my possession and where ever located, to my daughter, Mrs. J. L. Reynolds, her heirs and assigns forever.
Fifth, I hereby appoint J. L. Reynolds, executor of my estate, and direct that no inventory or appraisement be had of my estate, and furthermore request that he be allowed to qualify without security and .......his own bond.
Lastly, I make constitute and appoint the said J. L. Reynolds, to be executor of this my last will & Test. hereby revoking all former will made by me.
  ...................., I have hereunto subscribed my name seal, this the 20th day of May, Nineteen hundred and Thirteen.

                    Susan Pitts



Census: 1900, Farriorville, Bullock, Alabama Page 284

Medical Information: John developed diabetes about the time that insulin was developed and made available to the medical community.  Unfortunately he did not fully understand the medical use of the drug and and later died



5.           i.     WILLIAM SUMPER5 REYNOLDS, b. Feb 1897, Farriorville, Bullock County, Alabama; d. 01 Feb 1965, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.

              ii.     JOHN LEMUEL REYNOLDS JR, b. Farriorville, Bullock County, Alabama; d. 1967, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.



4.  PEARL4 REYNOLDS (DR. JAMES HENRY3, NEUMON2, HENRY1) was born 19 Sep 1872 in Mount Hillard, Bullock County, Alabama, and died 04 Oct 1946 in Pike County, Alabama.  She married THOMAS JEFFERSON DILLARD 12 Feb 1896 in Union Springs, Alabama, son of CRAWFORD DILLARD and MARY BRILEY.  He was born 23 Apr 1858 in Post Oak Community, Dale Co., Alabama, and died 04 Mar 1927 in Pike County, Alabama.



Burial: 1946, Murphy Methodist Church, Pike County, Alabama



Burial: 1927, Murphy Methodist Church, Pike County, Alabama

Census: 1910, 3-Wd Troy, Pike, Alabama Page 81A



Marriage: 12 Feb 1896, Union Springs, Alabama



              i.     CLYDE R5 DILLARD, b. 24 Mar 1897, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. 23 Feb 1982.

              ii.     EDGAR PUSH DILLARD, b. 10 Jul 1898, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. Jul 1976, Bucks, Pennsylvania; m. SUE ATTISON.

             iii.     JAMES CRAWFORD DILLARD, b. 11 Mar 1900, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. 02 Mar 1934.



Burial: 1934, Murphy Methodist Church, Pike County, Alabama



             iv.     BABY DILLARD, b. 03 Mar 1902, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. 23 Mar 1902.

             v.      SARAH PEARL DILLARD, b. 09 Apr 1903, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; m. HOMER ROY MILES.

             vi.     THOMAS JEFFERSON DILLARD, b. 02 Sep 1905, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. Sep 1982; m. NELLIE BEATRICE SHIRLEY, 01 Sep 1935, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.



Occupation: City of Troy Butane Gas Department and The Southeast Alabama Gas Company



Marriage: 01 Sep 1935, Troy, Pike County, Alabama


            vii.     INFANT DILLARD, b. 18 Dec 1907, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. Pike County, Alabama.

           viii.     ELIZABETH ANN DILLARD, b. 17 Dec 1908, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; m. HERMAN LEWIS.

             ix.     JOHN PARON DILLARD, b. 20 Apr 1911, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.

             x.      DANNY DILLARD, b. 17 May 1913, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; m. LAURA HIEM.

             xi.     JOE HENRY DILLARD, b. 31 Dec 1916, Troy, Pike County, Alabama; d. 03 Aug 1999; m. BERTHA BYRD.



Generation No. 3


5.  WILLIAM SUMPER5 REYNOLDS (JOHN LEMUEL 4, DR. JAMES HENRY3, NEUMON2, HENRY1) was born Feb 1897 in Farriorville, Bullock County, Alabama, and died 01 Feb 1965 in Troy, Pike County, Alabama.  He married MAUDE H HOWARD 01 Feb 1920 in Alabama.  She was born 29 Aug 1899 in Alabama, and died 09 Sep 1974 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.




William R. Dalton wrote, "My grandfather , W. S. Reynolds told me that his father sent him to military school in his teens after he and some of his companions shaved the heads of some Mormon Missionaries in Union Springs.  This gave him a good education and helped him enter Auburn and become a doctor of vet. medicine.  He practiced in and around Troy Al for 47 years.  He died of a stroke in 1965 while working.  It was said that his was one of the biggest funerals Troy has ever know.  He had many friends as he practiced his profession from the heart without regard to his pocketbook.  Many times he refused payment and was often paid in chickens etc.  .  It was my privilege to live with him in Troy as a senior in High School and two years of college.  He taught me the dignity and value of hard work.    He never went to church , but he was as much as christian man as I have ever known.  Every day he lived the first and greatest commandment :  to love the Lord .... and to love his fellow man as himself.  His wealth was not counted in things of this life but by a more eternal measure and standard.

Submitted by William R Dalton 8/7/2005



William Sumpter Reynolds attended Barnes School in Montgomery, graduating at age 16. He then attended Auburn University, graduating in Veterinary Medicine in 1818. After serving in the U.S. Army for a short period at the end of World War I, he began his veterinary practice for a short time in Dothan, AL and then Luverne, AL where he not only practiced medicine but, also, found a wife, marrying Maud Howard, daughter of William Brunson and Leila Triphosa Folmar Howard. They were married on 1 Feb 1920. After two or three years of practice in Luverne  Dr. and Mrs. Reynolds moved to Troy in 1923, where they lived for the balance of their lives. Dr. Reynolds practiced veterinary medicine in the counties, namely, Pike, Crenshaw and Bullock

Written by, Eulalia Reynolds Holston; Source Heritage Publishing Consultants Inc.; The Pike County Book



Census: 1900, Farriorville, Bullock County, AL

Census 2: 1930, Troy, Pike County Alabama Page IB



Marriage: 01 Feb 1920, Alabama



              i.     EULALIA6 REYNOLDS, b. 1922, Crenshaw County, Alabama; m. COL. ALFORD HOLSTON.



Census: private, Troy, Pike County Alabama Page IB


More About ---Eulalia Reynolds Holston (my aunt)  passed away Tuesday , July 6. of a sudden brain stem hemorrhage.  I'm sending her obit for your records, which my sister Caryl sent me just now.  Bill  (William Reynolds Dalton)   Gulf Breeze , Fl

Funeral services for Mrs. Holston will be Friday, July 9, 2010, at 2 p.m., from the chapel of Green Hills Funeral Home with Dr. Luke Lane officiating. Visitation for Mrs. Holston will be Friday from 12 p.m., until 2 p.m

Green Hills Funeral Home
1621 South US Highway 29
Troy, AL 36079

Eulalia Reynolds Holston: Obituary July 6, 2010

 Eulalia Reynolds Holston, age 88, of Troy, Alabama, died Tuesday, July 6, 2010, at a Montgomery hospital. Funeral services for Mrs. Holston will be Friday, July 9, 2010, at 2 p.m., from the chapel of Green Hills Funeral Home with Dr. Luke Lane officiating. Visitation for Mrs. Holston will be Friday from 12 p.m., until 2 p.m.

    Mrs. Holston was preceded in death by her parents, Dr. William Sumter Reynolds and Maud Howard Reynolds. She is survived by her husband, Col. Alfred Holston; three daughters; Kay Holston Smith (Ralph), Ann Holston Ham (Wayne), and Susan Holston Bird (Darryl); one brother, William Jake Reynolds; one sister, Eleanor Reynolds Waldrop; nine grandchildren; Joshua Holston Smith (Suzy), Lee Winfree Smith, Kathryn Reynolds Smith, Eleanor Holston Ham, Patrick Holston Ham (Sarah), William Holston Messina, Jane Ann Messina, Jonathan Douglas Bird, Emily Michelle Bird and three great grandchildren. 

    Mrs. Holston received her BS degree from Troy University. She was a former board member for the Troy Public Library and served as a member of the Pike County Historical Society. Mrs. Holston was a lifelong member of the Troy First Baptist Church where she was currently a member of the Builders Sunday School Class. Other memberships she proudly served were the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), the New Century Club, the Woman's Club, the Florabunda Garden Club and the Pike Pioneer Museum.

    The First Baptist Church Builders Sunday School Class will serve as honorary pallbearers for the service. In addition to flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Troy Public Library.

    Friends can sign the guest book and order flowers at Green Hills Funeral Home is honored to serve the family of Mrs. Eulalia Reynolds Holston.

Colonel Alfred Holston



Obituary of, Colonel Alfred Holston, age 94 died Thursday , September 24, 2015 at his home. Colonel Holston was born in Akron, Alabama November 16, 1920 to Robert Jefferson Holston and Virginia Hafner Holston. He received his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama and a Masters Degree in Bio-Radiology from the University of California at Berkeley. He entered the United States Army in 1943 and served for 27 years until his retirement reaching  his final rank of Colonel. During his military career he served during World War II with the 13th Airborne Division, he worked with the Antimissile Defense System at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville and also at the Pentagon. He later was the Director of Missile Intelligence at Redstone Arsenal. He received the following medals during his 27 year career; the Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, the National Defense Service Medal,  the American Theater Medal,the Victory Medal and a Bronze Star.

Colonel Holston was married to the love of his life Eulalia Reynolds Holston for 64 years until her death in  2010. His Brother, Robert Jefferson Holston and his sisters, Miriam Holston Singley, Ruth King and Willa Crum also preceded him in death. He is survived by 3 Daughters and Sons-in-law, Kay and Ralph Smith of Charleston, SC., Ann and Wayne Ham of London, KY., Susan and Darryl Bird of Huntsville, AL., his Grandchildren, Joshua (Suzy) Smith, Kathryn Smith, Lee (Pete) Sims, Eleanor Ham, Patrick Ham, Will Messina, Jane (Thomas) Adams, Jonathan (Anna) Bird, Emily (Stephen) Cohen, 3 Great Grandchildren, Sophie Smith, Alex and Allyson Ham.

A Funeral service for Colonel Alfred Holston will be held Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 2:00 PM from the Chapel of Green Hills Funeral Home with Dr. Luke Lane, his granddaughter Minister Jane Adams officiating. His Eulogy will be given by his daughter, Kay Smith and a reading of his military record by his grandson Joshua Smith. Visitation will be held Tuesday from 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM at Green Hills Funeral Home. Following the chapel service the flag draped casket will be transported by Carriage to the graveside where Full Military Honors will be performed by the United States Army Honor Guard.

Colonel Holston's family would like to thank his caregivers, Lolitha Orum, Sharon Thompson, Voncile Green and Keisha Shepherd for the wonderful compassionate care they have given Colonel Holston for the last 5 years and also a special thanks to the Troy Bank and Trust Trust Department for the work and help they have done on his behalf.


6.           ii.     ELEANOR REYNOLDS, b. private, Pike County, Alabama.

             iii.     WILLIAM JAKE REYNOLDS, born 6/7/1930, Pike County, Alabama, died 8/21/2013, Troy Alabama.





William Jake Reynolds, age 83, of Troy, died Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at Troy Regional Medical Center.  Graveside services will be Monday, August 26, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. at Green Hills Memorial Cemetery with Dr. Luke Lane officiating and Green Hills Funeral Home directing.

Visitation will be one hour prior to service.

Mr. Reynolds attended Auburn University, served his country in the U.S. Army and attended the First Baptist Church of Troy.

He was preceded in death by, his parents, Dr. William Sumter Reynolds and Maud Howard Reynolds; daughter, Donna Leticia Reynolds; sister, Eulalia Reynolds Holston.  He is survived by his sons, Dyrk Edwin Reynolds (Maureen), William Dean Reynolds (Kim); daughter, Cynthia Rushing; brother-in-law, Col. Alfred Holston; Sister, Eleanor Reynolds Waldrop; grandchildren, William Tate Reynolds, Shelby Reynolds, Paige Reynolds, Shannon Reynolds and Delaney Reynolds; special friend, Jane Hamrick; former wife, Lanedra Reynolds and many beloved nieces and nephews.

Family and friends can order flowers and leave a condolence message at  The staff of Green Hills Funeral Home is honored to serve the Reynolds family.













6.  ELEANOR6 REYNOLDS (WILLIAM SUMPER5, JOHN LEMUEL4, DR. JAMES HENRY3, NEUMON2, HENRY1) was born 27 Sep 1924 in Pike County, Alabama.  She married (1) CAPT. FORREST ADOLPH DALTON.  He was born 13 Feb 1924 in Montgomery, Alabama, and died 04 Mar 1957 in Near Keisler Air Force Base.  She married (2) JAMES HENRY WALDROP in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 


More About ELEANOR REYNOLDS: Census: 1930, Troy, Pike County Alabama Page IB



Census: 1957, Pike County, Alabama


 Capt Forrest Adolph Dalton  




A B-57 bomber carrying the name of Captain Forrest A. Dalton occupies a place of honor in front of the Air Force Armament Museum in Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

    Captain Dalton was a 33-year-old Eglin Air Force Base pilot when he died April 4, 1957. His B-57 crashed 15 miles north of Van Cleve, Mississippi. The accident was based on engine failure.

    Dalton, a veteran of World War II and Korea, left a wife and eight children behind. His son, Michael, was quoted as saying, "I lost My Dad when I was 5. I never really knew him, but whenever I'd go out to Elgin I’d fell close to him. That's where he lived and worked, and whenever I'd go to the museum, I could visualize scene seeing my Dad its name there somewhere." After the dedication of the B-57, his dream came true.

    Captain Dalton was a son of Forest Alford Dalton SR.. and Foy Elizabeth Spencer and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Dalton and Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Spencer, all of Pike County. His wife was the former Eleanor Reynolds; daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Reynolds. He attended both Troy High School and Troy State University. He is buried in Troy.


Article appeared in Heritage Published Consultants, Inc.

Written by Eulalia Reynolds Holtson, Troy Alabama









Marriage: Fort Walton Beach, Florida



              i.     WILLIAM R7 DALTON, b. private, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.


Mote About; William Reynolds Dalton


Published Online in Northwest Florida Daily News on Aug. 29, 2018

William Reynolds Dalton
April 23, 1945 - August 21, 2018

William Reynolds Dalton passed away in Gulf Breeze, Florida on August 21, 2018. Born in Troy, Alabama, he was the eldest son of Forrest Adolph Dalton Jr. and Eleanor R. Dalton (Waldrop). He is preceded in death by his parents. Growing up in Troy, he attended Troy State University and majored in History and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Education. He was a Vietnam Veteran and served his country as a US Navy Corpsman from 1966 through 1970.
He was a teacher for many years at Max Bruner Jr. High School. Bill possessed an inquisitive nature and the soul of a poet, often citing, “the glory of God is intelligence.” He pursued varied interests, becoming an aficionado in bee-keeping, fishing, ham radio, billiards, genealogy and much more.

He married Margaret Hill Dalton (Harris). They had three children. Surviving Mr. Dalton are his three children: Chris (Tina), Benji (Shuzhen), and Cami Dalton; his seven grandchildren: Zach, Ethan, Josh, Kaylee, Caden, Joliegh, and Azelle Dalton; he is also survived by his eight siblings: Diane Dalton Hofeling (David); David Forrest Dalton (Linda); Caryl Gibson; Michael Howard Dalton (Anna); Dawn Elizabeth Mixon (Charles); Samuel Theo Dalton (Trish); John Edward Dalton (Katherine); and Leticia Waldrop Gallo (Nick).

Bill leaves this life to join many of his loved ones. He long anticipated being reunited with his dad. He leaves us with his deep love of family and its unbreakable bonds:

"Families were meant to be forever as are we. We did not come here alone and the bonds of family reach far back into the past as a chain of which we are but only a link. It stretches forward and backwards into eternity and infinity.
We are never quite alone or never meant to be. Families are meant to be forever as are we. We are forever a family together."
-William R. Dalton

Bill was and is one of a kind. He will be missed in this life.
We all wait upon the Lord for that time when all shall be reunited.

Memorial service will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 99 Geronimo St. Miramar Beach, FL 32550 on Friday, August 31, 2018 at 3:00. Flowers are accepted at 192 Hillcrest Rd. Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 and donations in his name to Save Our Cats and Kittens of Ft. Walton Beach.



             ii.     DIANE DALTON, b., private, private Troy, Pike County, Alabama.

             iii.     DAVID FORREST DALTON, private, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.

             iv.     CARYL DALTON, b. Private, Troy, Pike County, Alabama.

             v.      DAWN ELIZABETH DALTON, b. private, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

             vi.     MICHEAL HOWARD DALTON, b. private, Eglin Air Force Base , Florida.

            vii.     SAMUEL THEO DALTON, b. private, Eglin Air Force Base , Florida.

           viii.     JOHNATHAN EDWARD DALTON, b. private, Avalpariso, Florida.




             ix.     LETITIA7 WALDROP


Biography Of Eleanor Reynolds Waldrop ( Dalton)

Eleanor Reynolds Waldrop (Dalton), age 91, passed away quietly in her home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on Tuesday night, May 18, 2016. Born in Troy, Alabama, she was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Sumpter Reynolds.  She is preceded in death by them and two siblings, Eulalia Reynolds Holston and Jake Reynolds. 

 Growing up in Troy, she attended Troy University in 1940 and majored in journalism. In 1942, she married Capt. Forrest Adolph Dalton, a pilot in the USAF.  Tragically in 1957, he was killed when his plane went down.  They had eight children.  In 1962, she remarried James Henry Waldrop, and they had one daughter.  Mr. Waldrop succumbed to cancer in 1972.

 Surviving Mrs. Waldrop are her nine children: William Reynolds Dalton; Diane Dalton Hofeling (David); David Forrest Dalton (Linda); Caryl Gibson; Michael Howard Dalton (Anna); Dawn Elizabeth Mixon (Charles); Samuel Theo Dalton (Trish); John Edward Dalton (Katherine); and Leticia Waldrop Gallo (Nick).  She is also survived by 30  grandchildren:  Chris (Tina), Benji  (Shuzheng ), and Cami Dalton; Matt, Sam, Amelia Harris (Ben), and Andrew Hofeling;  Michael (Laura), John, David (Yazuni), Forrest (Vanie), Jake, Leah, and Olivia Dalton; Robert Sells (Dani) and Leya Hayes; Forrest, Jacob, Orijane (Tim), and Griffin (Laura) Dalton; Steven Sibley (Katie); Samantha Lucas (Emmet) and Alexandra Dalton; Elizabeth, Caryl, and Yannie Dalton; Victor, Joseph, Yvette, and James Gallo.  Her greatest joy and source of happiness was her grandchildren.  She leaves 23 great-grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews, whom she loved as her own.

 Our mother leaves this life and joins many who have waited patiently to be with her again. In this world, there seems now a vast emptiness without her.  Joyful in life, she leaves with us joyful memories.  She was always the shining example of a gentle though strong and nurturing Southern woman.

 Interment will be held at Green Hills Funeral Home and Cemetery; 1621 US 29; Troy, Alabama on Monday May 23, 2016 at 1:00. Flowers are accepted.  Our family would like to extend gratitude and thanks to the nurses and caregivers at Emerald Coast Hospice, and donations can be made to Emerald Coast Hospice; 200 Grand Blvd. Ste. 205A; Miramar Bch., FL 32550; in memory of our mother, Eleanor R. Waldrop.

A tribute to Eleanor Reynolds Waldrop ( Dalton) By William R. Dalton

On The Passing Of Our Dear Mother, Troy Alabama then now
Though it was Monday, it was like a Sunday in Downtown Troy yesterday. Troy too ,as we know it has , passed away. Those small town streets once bustling with shoppers and children to and from school, are now bare. Memories of Granny's house, that special place on Montgomery St is all that remains. Gone are the massive oaks shading the sidewalks and streets , the Dogwood trees by the sidewalks, the lush green lawns, even most of the homes.

I turn back the reality of time to a more nostalgic era. I hear 17 year old Uncle Jake as he leaves for school in the morning, out the large cut glass front door , ". I'm off Mama". I smell the slightly sweet , kerosene wood soaked floor of Mrs. Willis little grocery store, savoring those 8 oz Coca Colas that no longer taste the same. Now I'm off walking to Mrs. Eagen's Kindergarten just down the street. I see my Grandfather, " Doc" as affectionately

ly called by all. He's getting out his car and standing in the sandy driveway, the same drive that an Indian Head Penny, Buffalo Nickel or Arrow Head literally appears from the sands of time to the pleasing surprise of a young boy. The Doctor calls his children home for supper. In that day he had teeth. With two fingers to teeth his whistle , loud and shrill is heard by children throughout the neighborhood. No matter where they are or what they are doing , heads immediately pop up at attention. The message is unmistakable. Get home now. Home they scurry, not a moment to lose.

A few years later I'm learning to write my name on Ms. Helens chalk board, first day in the First Grade at Troy Elementary , my cousin Joe Dodson Principal. Then there was the 2 nd Grade with Mrs. Starling. My Daddy is still in Korea flying a B26. He's gone for what seems to a child, an eternity. Walking through downtown Troy on the way home from school, I stop at the Movie Theatre. A quarter buys a 10 cent ticket, coke, and a candy bar. My mother works part time at Rosenburg's Clothing Store, just as Uncle Jake once did. We are living on S Three Notch St in the old Mrs. Black Home, my Mother, sister Dee Dee , toddler David and baby Caryl. My other grandmother, Mrs. Henny Dalton lives on Orange St. , but Granny's house is just a short walk down the shaded sidewalk. There my heart yearns to be to this day. There is no other place it's equal , A child's Heaven on Earth.

It's all gone now but the memories of a child of the 50s are still real and palpable through this heart. This is still a time when doors remain mostly unlocked, Children ramble the sidewalks with no misgivings or fear. TV is rare to nonexistent and Radio is still King. Elvis is not king but Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry are heroes and rule the West . Tarzan is a real swinger, and Superman still fights a ' Never-ending Battle for Truth, Justice and the American way. Political Correctness is not only not a factor in all this but is nonexistent or if and , if exists at all , is only in the minds of Communists and Liberals who detest these cherished values.

I am thankful to have been born a child of the 50s even though we had no Air Conditioning , TV was rare and the Internet and Cell Phones were I imagined. Only Dick Tracy had a two way radio that was a watch ! Don't think it was a IPad or Pod watch. Polio was a great threat until Dr Jonas Salk conquered this childhood disease. Almost everyone including many Democrats liked Ike. When you got in trouble at school it wasn't the teachers fault and you were mostly assuredly and deservedly going to catch hell at home too.

I'm grateful to my Creator that he blessed me such a Mother and Father. They are gone and I stay for just a little while until we meet again. We love and miss them . Bye for now, Mama.

Your Comments Welcomed


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