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    Henry B. Reynolds was born in Montgomery County, North Carolina on June 30, 1809. He married Nancy Jane Bell in Montgomery County, North Carolina in 1832. Henry and Nancy moved to Alabama, but due to Indian hostilities they were forced to moved within a year to a location near Holly Springs, Mississippi and purchased property there. Henry Reynolds sold his property in Marshall County, Mississippi to Robert F. Cathey on November 23, 1849. This transaction is recorded in Marshall County and gives us a time frame in which Henry and Nancy moved to Drew County, Arkansas. He purchased property both in Drew and Bradley Counties. They would later move to Cleveland County, originally Bradley County, Arkansas, and farmed there.
    Henry died of pneumonia on November 24, 1887 at the age of 78. Henry's plantation was located just south of Rye, in Hurricane Township, Cleveland County, Arkansas.
    I would like to mention and give credit to William Forrest Reynolds, (Deceased], born May 9, 1896 in Rye, Arkansas, for the contribution he made by sharing information on the Henry Reynolds family.   William knew many of Henry's and Nancy's descendants personally, and he had first hand knowledge of the family. He worked many years compiling data and talking to members of the family personally. I would also like to thank my brother, Aubrey Wilson Reynolds, of Springdale, Arkansas, who has helped me research the Reynolds family. We both have a common interest in genealogy. We have made trips together to North Carolina, June 2000, to Mississippi gathering information on our family. Henry is my 3rd great grandfather.

Written By Robert Reynolds

The following probate record dated November 23, 1848 establishes the presence of Henry Reynolds in Marshall County Mississippi. At the time the record was recorded he sold his property in Marshall County and moved to Drew County, Arkansas.

Robert F. Cathy S 1/2, Sec. 28,
T 3, R 1 West, Conveyed by
Henry Reynolds and his wife

This indenture made the 23rd day of November, AD 1849 between Henry Reynolds of the first part and Robert F. Cathy of the second part all of the County of Marshall and State of Mississippi.
WITNESSED: that whereas the said Reynolds has granted, bargained and I do and does hereby transfer and convey to the said Cathey and his heirs and assigns forever for the consideration of nine hundred dollars, one hundred dollars of which sum is to him paid and the balance secure to be paid by two notes executed by the said Cathey to the said Reynolds. One for four hundred dollars due the 25th of December 1849 and the other for the same amount bearing interest from its date and due the 25th of December 1850, and both of said notes bearing date in December last. The following described tract of land in the County and State aforesaid to wit: the South half of Section No. Twenty-eight (28) in Township No. three (3), of Range No. 1 (1) west of the Bases meridian of the surveys of the Chickasaw Cession. To have and to hold the said half section of land to the said Cathy, his heirs and assigns forever, reserving to the said Reynolds, his heirs, representatives or assigns a lien thereupon to secure and make certain the payment of the notes above described. The said Reynolds covenants with the said Cathey that he is lawfully seized of said land, has a good right to convey it and that the same is unencumbered land except as to the lien herein reserved and the said Reynolds further covenants and binds himself, his heirs, and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to said land except as to the lien aforesaid free from the claim of all persons whatever. And Nancy J. Reynolds, wife of said Henry Reynolds, for the consideration aforesaid and of one dollar to be paid, hereby releases and conveys to said Cathy her right to own and all other right whatever in and to said half section of land.
In testimony of which the said Henry Reynolds and Nancy J Reynolds, his wife, have hereto subscribed their names and affixed this seal the date above written.
Henry Reynolds (seal)
Nancy J. Reynolds (seal)
+ (Her mark

The Arkansas Methodist
J. H. Godbey, D. D. Editor
Rev. A. H. Godbey, A. M. Assistant Editor
Rev. T. O. Robie, Field Editor

Wednesday, March 23, 1904, A. Tribute to Mrs. Nancy J. Reynolds

    It sometimes occurs that there are lives so envisioned as they touch and influence comparatively few other lives, but whose influence when felt at all, is as a positive and potential as if they moved in worldwide orbit and drew after them great hosts of friends and admirers. It was so with her whose name stands at the head of this tribute of affection.
    Born in Montgomery County, North Carolina, March 17, 1809 in the early part of the nineteenth century, before the days of female colleges and the numerous sources of higher culture now accessible to girls and young women, she was nevertheless characterized by delicacy of sentiment and refinement of feeling learned at the feet of Jesus, where Mary learned lessons of heavenly wisdom that link her name in inseparably with the history of our blessed Lord.
    She was converted and joined the Methodist Church in 1823, from which time until her peaceful and triumphant death at the home of her youngest son, in Warren, Arkansas, November 1, 1903 she "adorned the doctrine of God our Savior in all things." Such was the purity of her life and the fervor of her piety that no extravagant hyperbole would be used in saying that the angels when her ransomed spirit was breaking away from tenement of clay and spreading wings for its flight to glory cried, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates, even lift them up ye everlasting doors!" and this ransomed soul shall come in. A consistent, faithful Christian life of eighty years, without strain or reproach, forms a postulate for large assurance of a glorious eternity.
    It was my good fortune to be the pastor of this elect woman my first year in the ministry, and when a youth, among strangers, with a heart heavy with sadness of my recent home leaving in a far off land. I entered for the first time her cheerful home, so cordial was her greeting, so neat and orderly was her home and so abundance the supply on family board that the memory of my own childhood's home came back to me like a flood and I could scarcely refrain from weeping. From that day until now the memory of that good woman and my visits to her home have been a real pleasure to me.
    In 1832 she was married in her native state to Henry Reynolds, her family name being Bell, and a few years later, in 1838 they sought to better their fortune by removing to Alabama, but owing Indian hostilities they moved again within a year and settled near Holly Springs, Mississippi, at which place they lived until 1849, when they removed to Arkansas and settled on the line of Drew and Bradley Counties. Here in contentment and comfort, esteemed by all and loved and honored by the church, they lived until December 24, 1887, when her husband was called to reward. Many a weary iterant and official member of the church can bear witness to the cheerful Christian hospitality dispensed in their home.
Of her it could have been truthfully said in words of Solomon." The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her. Her children arise up and call her blessed."
    The writer will always count it a privilege to have visited this saintly woman twice just before her translation. Added to the pleasure of recalling the past, and precious communion in the present was the joyous hope of a blessed reunion of associations in the heaven God has prepared for His children, I could but feel that I stood near the gates of the Celestial City while in her presence. Nearly ninety-five years of age, she waited joyously the coming of her Lord, and though He came suddenly, she was not surprised, but gathering her loved ones about her and taking them by the hand, bade them good-by as if going for a short visit to a neighbor or friend, then with the radiance of heaven beaming from her face she fell asleep in Jesus with a smile of welcome from angels and redeemed ones on the other shore.
    Surely "The chamber where the good man (or women) dies is favored above the common walks of men, quite on the verge of heaven.

Cadesman Pope


Descendants of Henry Hartwell Reynolds


Generation No. 1


1.  HENRY 2 REYNOLDS  (HENRY1) was born July 30, 1809 in Montgomery Co.,  North Carolina, and died November 24, 1887 in Rye, Cleveland Co.,  Arkansas.  He married NANCY JANE BELL 1832 in Montgomery Co.,  North Carolina, daughter of BENJAMIN BELL and ELIZABETH LEDBETTER.  She was born March 11, 1809 in Montgomery Co.,  North Carolina, and died November 01, 1902 in Rye, Cleveland Co.,  Arkansas.


Burial: Union Cemetery Rye., Arkansas

Census: 1810, Montgomery County, North Carolina, Captain Chappell Township

Census 2: 1830, Montgomery County, North Carolina, East of Pee Dee And Yadkin Rivers

Census 3: 1840, Marshall County,  Mississippi, Page 16

Census 4: 1860, Drew, Co., page 211

Individual Note: 1810 Census of Montgomery County enumerates Henry as Runnels

Individual Note 2: Appears on tax records in Bradley, Co., in the eighteen fifties


Burial: Union Cemetery Rye., Arkansas

Record 1: 1902, Buried at Union Cemetery, Rye , Ar.


Marriage: 1832, Montgomery Co.,  North Carolina

Children of HENRY REYNOLDS and NANCY BELL are:

2.                i.      HARTWELL STAIN3 REYNOLDS, b. 1832, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1862, Franklin County, Arkansas.

3.               ii.      BENJAMIN BELL REYNOLDS, b. 1833, North Carolina; d. 1882, Cleveland Co., Ar.

4.              iii.      JAMES RICHARDSON REYNOLDS, b. 1836, North Carolina; d. Rye, Cleveland Co., Ar.

5.              iv.      ELIZABETH LEDBETTER REYNOLDS, b. May 04, 1838, Mississippi; d. January 29, 1914, Warren, Ar..

6.               v.      HENRY LEDBETTER REYNOLDS, b. July 30, 1841, Holly Springs,  Mississippi; d. March 01, 1902, Rye, Cleveland Co.,  Ar..

7.              vi.      NEUMAN CARVASSO REYNOLDS, b. July 22, 1844, Mississippi; d. August 04, 1919, Rye, Cleveland, Co. , Ar..

8.             vii.      LUCRECIA JANE REYNOLDS, b. May 16, 1846, Rye, Bradley, Co., Ar.; d. March 14, 1883, Rye, Bradley, Co., Ar.

9.            viii.      GARDENCIA MCPHERSON REYNOLDS, b. September 20, 1848, Rye, Bradley, Co., Ar.; d. August 05, 1916, Warren, Bradley Co., Ar..

10.           ix.       FRANCIS RANDALL REYNOLDS, b. January 26, 1851, Drew, County,  Arkansas; d. September 22,

                    1934 in Hot Springs, Ar.   

Posted by Robert Reynolds

Hot Springs, Arkansas


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